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Physical Attraction In Men and Women

Submitted by Administrator Rusbiz Portal  l  March 24 2006  l  Viewings: 5819

Attraction is a special quality in a person that inspires fascination in others. It is a characteristic that provides pleasure and attracts. This article talks about ways to attract other people.

World's Most Attractive Women
Aishwarya Rai, Keira Knightley, Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman

World's Most Attractive Men
George Clooney, Brad Pitt and David Beckham

And You?

The movie Laws of Attraction is well-threaded light comedy but meaningful story where two top divorce lawyers, who have never lost a case, both gorgeous, and both single battle it out in court. Audrey is edgy and uptight, a perfectionist, while Dan is more the sloppy, debonair, intuitive type. Ultimately get romantic about each other.

Attraction is a special quality in a person that inspires fascination in others. It is a characteristic that provides pleasure and attracts. For Example, "flowers are an attractor for bees". This can be cultivated. You can create positive vibrations that seem to come from and surround your person. Once these attractions are cultivated, you begin to exercise stimulus on others. According to Dr. Albert points out even standing in a room as attraction criteria. "Where you are in a room (and what you're doing) has a lot to do with your ability to attract." Thus be in center to be attracted. Anyway there are lots of things to learn about attraction.

"He is greatest whose strength carries up the most hearts by the attraction of his own" said Henry Ward Beecher.

Being Attracted

Attraction is an attention, affection and respect. To get success in attracting others including attention, affection and respect, you can walk on following ways.

Like attracts like
"There is a law of attraction", says Norman Peale "Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together". If you like or love someone then only expect someone to like you.

Giving is virtue. Dont count it.
God loves a cheerful giver. It is more blessed to give rather than to receive. Let your heart shares what you have with others. In society people give or donate to show or represent their egos. Giving is most positive feeling. Give without expecting anything in return. It is not necessary to give big things only. This feeling comes from heart and only that make you pleasant.

Live out Humility
"Humility is not renunciation of pride but the substitution one pride for another", suggested Eric Hoffman. Charity, tolerance and humility have supreme value. Humility and inner peace go hand in hand. Believe in self rather proving to others. While cultivating humility stop ego which is nearest factor in this process.

"Faith attracts the heart," says Scheeben. Faith and patience are pre-condition of attraction or being attracted.

Saw The Desired
What we tell ourselves about our lives and ourselves day after day has a great effect. All the time, see and think of yourself as and attractive personality. Keep the image of it clearly before the mind. You will then attract all the things necessary to accomplish it. Be cheerful and hopeful no matter is positive.

Cheerful Face
Laughter is great wealth. Get your face cheerful. When you smile your brain puts into action the endorphins the natural pain relieving system of the body. Other than that, smile relaxes you. A smile wins friends. Give it freely to people. Andre Crippa says, "We do not completely love those at whom we cannot smile." It pleases others and also lifts your own spirit. While attracting others keep in mind that a smile makes the distance among two people shortest.

Enthusiasm & Passion
It is mother of success. It brings money, power and influence. Ralph Emerson says "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Then how is it possible to attract without enthusiasm. Believe in your work. Love your every job you do. Get enthusiasm into your personality. Do not hold back because of feeling unsure about projecting enthusiasm. Enthusiasm can do wonders for you.

Good behavior, courtesy and kindness make others to believe in you. A good manner is the art of making those people easy with whom we converse. Jonathan Swift. It is a source of pleasure. It secures all the honors. Manner is not limited to only few people. Behave to everyone as if you were with great guest.

"The senses have been conditioned by attraction to the pleasant and aversion to the unpleasant: a man should not be ruled by them; they are obstacles in his path." - Bhagavad Gita . Attraction develops into desire and desire breeds anger. Controlling attraction or being attracted above par is necessary.

Probably theory of attraction will clarify our sights to follow up true attraction.

Theory of Attraction

Attraction Theory is defined as the theory concerned with the process involved in attributing causation or motivation to a person's behavior. Why are we attracted to certain individuals and not others? Many scholars believe attraction is based on people who are more similar to us. "Reinforcement and attraction are positively correlated, the more reinforcement one gets, the more attraction one feels" (Byrne, 1967). Attraction is based on three major factors (see DeVito, 1998):

Attractiveness - Mans personal qualities and womans physical attractiveness are more common factors of attraction.

Proximity "The people who become friends (or more) were those who had the greatest opportunity to interact" says DeVito.

Similarity - Perceived similarity is the degree to which we believe another's characteristics are similar to ours- is often sufficient to attract us to others" says Infate.

Try it. Follow anything that is good! However I hope I did it. What? Attraction!

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