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MySpace Spam - MySpace Has Created The
Perfect Environment For Spammers

Submitted by Rusbiz Librarian  l July 27 2006  l  Viewings: 4763

By Tino Buntic

There's one thing that allows MySpace spam to thrive - nothing is being done to stop spammers.

Regular email has filters to send spam into a junk mailbox. MySpace has nothing of the sort, creating the perfect conditions for spammers to thrive. If youre a spammer, MySpace is a great environment for you to do your work.

I would expect an internet company to delete the profiles of the people that use their service in an abusive way. But I doubt MySpace could do anything to stop it. With over 100 million accounts, who would be able to track this bad behaviour? I would think that would be virtually impossible.

I know for a fact that MySpace hardly ever replies to messages from its users. I know this because I, myself, had some technical issues with my account which I emailed their help center to help me resolve. I sent 5 messages. I never got a reply. So, if users email MySpace to complain about spammers, I doubt MySpace does anything about it either. And, I'm sure people annoyed with junk email do just that.

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy MySpace. The spam I could live with. I guess it's a measure of success when spammers target your site. They wouldn't do so if it wasn't worth it to them.

Nevertheless, I find some of the junk mail that I receive in my MySpace inbox quite comical. Take my most recent MySpace spam email:

"Hello Sir,
Can you go to this web site http://forexers.biz/?ref=xxxxx and register but you need to have an e-gold account so that you can start making money.

I think this is hilarious, only because some people still think that these types of messages work. This poor guy must have spent hours emailing this message individually to dozens of people, and he will get nothing from it. Nothing! Now thats funny.

Tino Buntic created TradePals to provide free sales leads to business professionals across North America. One of Tino's favorite blogs is Internet Innovations by Ken Yarmosh. The Internet Innovations blog provides insight into today's technology.

Tino Buntic - EzineArticles Expert Author

Article source: http://library.rusbiz.com

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