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Autumn LeavesAutumn Leaves

By Various

Submitted by Administrator Rusbiz Portal  l  April 17 2006


eBook Summary

It was six o'clock in the morning of last Thursday (Christmas
morning), when Nathan Stoddard, a young saddler, strode through the
vacant streets of one of our New England towns, hastening to begin his
work. The town is an old-fashioned one, and although the observance of
the ancient church festival is no longer frowned upon, as in years
past, yet it has been little regarded, especially in the church of
which Nathan is a member. As the saddler mounted the steps of his
shop, he felt the blood so rush along his limbs, and tingle in his
fingers, that he could not forbear standing without the door for a
moment, as if to enjoy the triumph of the warmth within him over the
cold morning air. The little stone church which Nathan attends stands
in the same square with his shop, and nearly opposite. It was closed,
as usual on Christmas day, and a recent snow had heaped the steps and
roof, and loaded the windows. Nathan thought that it looked uncommonly
beautiful in the softening twilight of the morning.


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