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Web Copywriting Fundamentals

Submitted by Jeremy Long Chia Teik  l March 19 2008  l  Viewings: 4739

By Jeremy Long Chia Teik

In online marketing, the sales copy is the vital link to the success of your marketing campaign. The sales copy must be subject to good and effective web copywriting guidelines. The fundamentals therein should form the main support for the desired outcome of the sales copy.

Web copywriting serves to service the customers well and turn them into buyers through reading the material in the sales copy. Therefore, it is imperative that web copywriting has to be well-researched, given considerable amount of planning, and gone through brainstorming sessions on its layout and content, i.e. what should be included and what should out. This is attributed to the fact that in online marketing, what is viewed by customers is nothing but text. This text has the important task to drive them to click through and order.

For web copywriting to be solidly built and to be effective, it must be standing on strong fundamentals:

(1) Dig out the real problem

Customers on the web look for information that will be of relevant help to their problems on hand. More often than not, they would expect to receive a quick remedy to meet their immediate needs. The online marketer will have to precisely pinpoint the target market and subsequently provide the solutions after having identified what is the real problem. This will enable the marketer to make the customer realize and understand that there is a real problem on hand, and that there is a ready solution to it. In doing so, customers will subtly know that you are indeed helpful and caring, and that you are there for them to help solve their problems.

(2) Dissect the real problem

Delve deeper into the problem. Dissect it further to understand the actual reasons why the problem still remains for the customer. Real reasons do not surface immediately. Problems have to be dug deeply. Ways by which dissection can be carried out include finding out how the problem occurred in the first place and how big is the problem on hand. Find out if the same problem been given some form of solution previously. A complete understanding of the problem will definitely make solving it very much easier. The customer would be highly enlightened on the findings and your support, and will be most delighted in listening to the ready solutions.

(3) Provide positive hope

When there are appropriate solutions to meet the immediate needs of customers, the latter will be relieved of their anxiety and pain. Think for the customers beyond this time of healing. Speak words of encouragement , and provide positive hope for times beyond this point in time of getting the solution. Whatever ailment is being healed by the solution provided, the customer will be able to live life fully and actively again. Share this hope with them. It comes from the power of positive thinking. Positive hope thus conveyed will further lift up the customer.

(4) Make a difference

When the needs of customers can be met by your solutions, explain in what ways this can done. Let customers gain a fuller understanding of you and your product or service. That is, your unique selling proposition. This must be clearly made known so as to enable customers understand why they should get the solution from you and not others. The unique selling proposition will show customers why your product or service stands out and should be highly favored. Make a bold declaration of the unique selling proposition for the solution to impress customers on how the solution can make a real positive difference to their problems.

(5) Get busy with action

This the finale. The call to action has to be commanded. Customers have been given prior advice and efficient support. Doubts have been dispelled earlier in the process. Now it is the time for them to take immediate action. It is this one click that will change their lives for the better.

Every marketer would want to produce an effective sales copy, as this will generate leads, increase the customers database, bring in sales, and eventually increase the bottom line. It should be made known that good web copwriting is not difficult to learn and achieve. On the contrary, if one should follow closely to its fundamentals, the possibility of producing that piece of effective sales copy is very high.

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Jeremy Long Chia Teik - EzineArticles Expert Author


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Article Submitted On: February 18, 2008

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