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Once Upon A Time

Submitted by Maria Flynn  l March 19 2008  l  Viewings: 4763

By Maria Flynn

If you're selling products or services on line, it's even more important than ever to keep your visitors engaged in your copy. If you bore them, they'll likely be gone. So what's the easiest way to keep their attention? With a story. People love stories. Just look at all the reality- based shows on TV now-a-days. What's their attraction? Personal stories. Personalities and drama. So come up with an interesting story about what you sell use it in your copy. And it's a great way to differentiate yourself and what you sell from everyone else out there.
Here's an example:

John Carlton is a world famous copywriter. Several years ago he was asked to write an ad about a golf instruction video. The video itself was fairly compelling, so the ad he wrote was really good, but not great. It needed something more. So, Carleton did a little more research, asked a few more questions, and he uncovered an amazing story behind the video itself. The video had been inspired by a one legged golfer! Armed with this unique & intriguing story, the headline for the product became;

"Amazing Secret Discovered by One-legged Golfer Adds 50 Yards to Your Drives, Eliminates Hooks and Slices and can Slash up to 10 Strokes From Your Game Almost Overnight".

That's the power of a story. Without discovering this incredible story, the headline just wouldn't have been as powerful. Every product and service has a story, find yours and you'll not only have your readers attention, but also their business!

Maria Flynn

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Maria Flynn - EzineArticles Expert Author


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Article Submitted On: February 18, 2008

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