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Fighting The "Cut Throat" Competition In

Submitted by Hemant Mehta  l March 19 2008  l  Viewings: 4898

By Hemant Mehta

Copywriting to create thoughts that are well arranged in each sentence of any web content is the crucial elixir to success in net business. Copy writing, article writing, editing or proof-reading, product descriptions are most important in marketing your website and it must be understood that precise or focused content always has an edge over long paragraphs and highly loaded adjectives. Most people and nearly all service buyers look for the lowest bids for these jobs. On the other hand one can find quite a few buyers who truly understand the importance of targeted content and agree to pay the freelancers rates if the quality of work is exceptional. Saying a lot in just a few words is therefore the maxim of good copywriting and a writer must concentrate more on action words than adjectives!

The competition in this business is immense and as the freelance writers population around the world increases, the "cut-throat" competition takes a heavy toll of the dedicated and focused writers on the Internet. Nevertheless it is nothing to be excessively worried about since a logical management or reasonable marketing strategy can still ensure the best margins the excellent writers work for! Like with everything else in life cursing is never a solution to any problem. It is more profitable and satisfying to analyze the particular circumstance of this competition and then turn the surmised disadvantage to a concrete advantage. The first thought that strikes the mind of a persevering writer is "Oh my God, how do I deal with this "cut-throat" business?"

The best way of tackling the competition is to have a calm poised competitive edge to other writers in the fray. Whenever you find yourself in such a predicament take a quick stroll around the neighborhood or take a cup of coffee or tea, or even your favorite beverage. A mindset that can accommodate the most difficult situation and come out of all difficulties reaches the winning post! Always establish a logical calculation on your jobs and spend considerable time in learning about the marketable pricing. It may not be always the "right price"! Remember the wise saying that "a bird in hand is worth far more than two in the bush". Understand budgeting and costing before embarking on any competitive business.

One of the most important economic principles is the concept of total revenue generated. It is imperative to consider your aspirations in projecting the target revenue per unit time. If one wishes to earn X amount every month then pricing needs to be done by adding up all probable resources and distributing the revenue in proportion to the jobs in hand. This exercise is important to understand the market potential and what a particular job can earn. Everyone is looking for a reasonable pricing and it would be quite unethical to quote a price that is not in line with the customer's mindset. After finalizing a price it is necessary to "seal the deal" in order to leave no loopholes and ensure a smooth transaction.

A lot of information is available at Hemant Mehta's website. You can check out your needs for free downloads and courses that are useful for e-commerce & net marketing activities.

Hemant Mehta - EzineArticles Expert Author


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Article Submitted On: February 19, 2008

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