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Copywriting Tips - The Basics Of Writing A
Winning Sales Letter

Submitted by David H Aldridge  l March 19 2008  l  Viewings: 4786

By David H Aldridge

In copywriting there are certain rules that a novice would do well to heed, one such copywriting rule is The rule of 'AIDA'.

So who's Aida? I hear you say, well Aida's not my other half, it's a fully tried and tested formula, a formula that you must use in order to write successful sales letters that sell products.

Lets now look at the 'AIDA' formula in detail.


Your sales letter must at the very beginning grab the attention of
the reader, this is achieved with a powerful headline full of benefits
that the reader is looking for, so you need to know your customer.


Your headline should lead on to the first sentence in your first paragraph, this should arouse the readers interest by reinforcing the benefits in the headline and offering more benefits to come, in order to encourage the reader to read the rest of your copy.

You could end your first paragraph with 'Allow me to explain' for example.


Once your reader has been encouraged to read the rest of your copy, it's here that you must get your reader to desire your product.

You do this by stating the readers problems, worries or desires etc, you then promise or explain that your product will solve their problems, answer their worries, fulfil their desires.

As the prospect reads your copy, it should build a picture in their mind full of the benefits your product can offer them.



At the end of your sales letter you must call the reader to action, by getting them to order your product, it's no good asking them to order, they need to know exactly what they need do in order to benefit from your product.

In other words you end your copy in such a way that it's taken for granted that the reader is going to order your product, you merely give clear instructions on how they should do this.

Well that's the rule of 'AIDA', I suggest you learn it by heart, follow the 'AIDA' rule and you're well on your way to composing successful sales letters.

My new course 'The Rules of Copywriting' is available free for a limited period. See details below.

About the author

Dave Aldridge is an author, publisher and marketer of information products. He is now concentrating on helping others into the info-product marketing business by writing step by step copywriting and marketing courses courses, a members only website (free membership for course subscribers) etc.

If you would like to download my course on copywriting FREE (for a limited period). Then go to: http://www.makeinamonth.com/update.htm

David H Aldridge - EzineArticles Expert Author


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Article Submitted On: February 16, 2008

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