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Copywriting Tips - Is Your Social Proof

Submitted by Steven Wagenheim  l March 19 2008  l  Viewings: 4766

By Steven Wagenheim

Social proof...it's one of the most important things to writing copy, especially in the "make money online" niche. I'm going to explain momentarily why that is so in addition to what kinds of social proof work well and what kinds you're better off without. Hopefully, this article will help you to strengthen your sales copy by including social proof that actually makes people believe what you have to say.

Okay, let's first start off with why social proof is so important in the niche of making money, often referred to as "home business" or "Internet marketing" depending on how snobby you want to be about it. In this particular niche, you're going to run into many prospects who have been burned out of a lot of money. The scams they have fallen victim to could fill up a novel. Therefore, these people are going to be more skeptical of any money making opportunity. Because of this, strong social proof is more important than ever. So just what is strong social proof?

Back in the old days, before technology got so out of control, especially in the area of graphics design, a simple screen capture of your online accounts was all you needed to show a prospect that you were making money online. Today, however, as easy as it is to fake these screen prints, we need something that is more compelling. Well, we can again thank technology for giving us something that does just the trick...video.

Video captures of your online accounts are much harder to fake. No, they are not impossible, but you need to be really skilled in order to fake a video capture. The most important thing you need to understand about this technique is that the majority of prospects who are given videos to watch simply find them as a more credible source than a screen capture. Therefore, since the perception of video is better, the results you will get by showing videos will be much better.

If you are writing copy for your own product, this is easy enough to do. You have the whole process within your control. Camtasia, or if you're on a tight budget, Camstudio, will work just fine and produce good enough videos for your purpose. If you are writing copy for a client, then you need to be firm with him and explain that video social proof is much more convincing.

With people becoming more and more educated, it is harder to sell online than it was years ago. Therefore, it is even more important than ever to present your prospects with the best social proof that you can.

Want more great copywriting tips? Check out the link in my signature.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

Want to save $2,500 to $15,000 in copywriting costs? Want to write copy yourself that can command that kind of payday? Visit my site at http://www.bcipe.com/ and discover killer copywriting tips that have allowed me to write my own copy for years and earn myself a 6 figure a year income selling my own products.

Steven Wagenheim - EzineArticles Expert Author


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Article Submitted On: February 17, 2008

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