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Are You Overly Anxious?

Submitted by John Jones  l  March 22 2006  l  Viewings: 5161

Are You Overly Anxious?
By John T Jones, Ph.D.

I went to Psychology Today to see if I had any other disorders than the one I caught there the other day. I reported that I had caught OCD on their web site. OCD is obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Actually I caught it from my father.

Im sorry Psychology Today.

I decided to take a look at Anxiety.

Colin Allen has an article posted at the Psychology Today site called When Worry Takes Over. See it at http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/pto-2811.html.

I learned that OCD is just part of Anxiety so I wasnt afraid of catching anything new.

You can tell if you have anxiety by your answer to a situation.

An example goes something like the one given at the Psychology Today site: Emilys mother takes Emily to the doctor to check on her growth.

If you dont have anxiety, you will say, Well, how tall was she?

If you do have anxiety, you will say, My God! Has it metastasized?

So that is how you tell.

Colin Allen says that extreme anxiety goes like this: Sometimes anxiety explodes in a panic attack, marked by a general feeling of terror. A person engulfed in a panic attack usually experiences a racing or pounding heart, sometimes even pain or heaviness in the chest. Breathing becomes difficult. The body trembles and hands turn clammy. The person may notice tingling in their hands and feet, sometimes in their arms and legs. They may start to feel light-headed.

Well, Ive had all of those symptoms. I thought it was just my arteriosclerosis and old age! In fact my new aortic valve donated to me by a benevolent hog has relieved most of my symptoms.

You wouldn't think a hog valve could cure anxiety would you?

It cured mine.

If you are not an old foggy like me and you have the symptoms described by Colin Allen you might seek a therapist to help you overcome your anxiety.

Choose a therapist of opposite sex so that when the therapist hugs you and says, "There, there, there," you won't get overly anxious thinking you are engaged in homosexual activity.

I subscribed to the print magazine Psychology Today at the site. Who knows where an article idea might pop up?

I told you I have OCD. Well I cured it myself just by knowing I had it.

Last night I only checked to see if the doors were locked three times.

Article source: http://library.rusbiz.com

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