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Increase in Solar Radiation and Skin Cancer
of Pilots

Submitted by Rusbiz Librarian  l May 17 2006  l  Viewings: 4800

By Lance Winslow

There has been a recent increase in the past decade of skin cancer among pilots; it is an interesting phenomena. Some say we have only recently noticed this because people are living longer and we are flying more international flights and planes are flying at higher altitudes. If you are a airline pilot or Military pilot check and see if what has been observed relates to your own personal observations.

It has been noticed that more and more people have red faces than before. Especially pilots, bus drivers, construction workers and even a few of us work outside types. It has been observed everywhere around the world. Should we attribute this to increased radiation hitting Earth through thinner sections of our atmosphere or holes in our ozone? recently an alarming article in Business and Commercial Aviation Magazine, discussed Radiation exposure and hazards of the job; Airline Pilots. Title of article was Living With Radiation. It is an interesting article and seems to go along with my theory of observation. We know from other accounts about a whole in our Ozone, Two-one in South Pole and one in the North Pole area. When solar wind is weak cosmic radiation is at its maximum. At a solar maximum we have more sunspots and solar flares. Ionizing radiation is dangerous and can harm chromosomes and hurt your DNA. Meaning you could have problems with malignant diseases and screw up the next generation.

It appears that certain professions which keep people outside and pilots which fly at above 20,000 feet can be the most seriously affected. But nearly everyone in the sun between the poles and the tropic of Capricorn or Cancer too can be affected Argentina has blind sheep and Australia has known skin cancer results which are scary statistics. That is not Global Warming but may contribute to false data being attributed to such. Many in Oregon at the University are arguing the other, that all this is due to mankinds emissions and are constantly promoting their views through scientific reports and findings.

Many feel that The Kyoto Treaty needs to be reworked at the other end of the 11 year cycle. Check out this website;


A study was also done with 22,417 Navy Aviators. Higher rates of Hodgkins Disease, testis cancer and melanoma; In the review of former British Airways Pilots 411 of them there was a significant cause of death a cancer. Also see;


An interesting book which to read on this subject is; The Invisible Passenger-Radiation Risks for Pilots, By dr. Robert J. Barish. With all this now known, and with the observations we all have seen we should be concerned. All those who work outside should be smart and wear sunglasses and on days with no cloud cover and put on a little sun screen for your face, nose and arms. Think about it.

Article source: http://library.rusbiz.com

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