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Electro-Cure Needleless Applicator

Submitted by Rusbiz Librarian  l August 01 2006  l  Viewings: 5151

By Rynhardt Van Zyl

Electro-Cure is a drug delivery system that takes existing medication into the cell where it does its work by interfering with the DNA of the virus to prevent it from replicating and spreading.

A blood test will show positive because of the antibodies. A polymerase cell response/reaction ( P.C.R ) which tracks DNA in the body will confirm if the virus is gone because after ten treatments or more there should be no viral DNA left.

The Electro-Cure Machine is a vehicle which induces atoms of medication into the body - The machine itself has no side effects. Any medication used by you, probably Acyclovir or Famcyclovir may have side effects - ask your doctor. The Electro-Cure machine cuts the dosage to 1/1000 of oral dose - which means longterm saving! Speak to your doctor.

Remember that it is the medication curing you, but a large percentage of the active ingredient in tablets are destroyed by gastric acids and injected drugs still have to circulate through the liver and are destroyed there...

Electro-Cure picks up the acyclovir and carries it in a stream of ions directly thourgh the body so that, instead of circulating through the bloodstream, it goes directly into the cells where it inteferes with the virus....Electro-Cure turns medication into 'Super Medication'.

This machine is a simple design machine. Nothing new nor a miracle. Advanced technology have enabled us to, for the first time, to administer any drug ( medicine ) in cream form which cannot be administered orraly ( electronically ), through the cells and bypasses the bloodstream to the infected area without an operation or injection with simple physics medicine particles are mixed with the electrons of a minute electrical current ( direct current - harmless ) which are sent through the whole body to reach the infected area of the body, via two "pads" which are placed on the wrists of both hands. One positive and the other negative. With the attraction of opposites (+/-) the medicine/drug then gets transported through the whole body where it then attacks the infected area. This machine transforms ordinary drug/medicine into a "superdrug" with some effect as an introvanious injection, yet without pain assosiated with an injection. Thereby the name: Electronic Needleless Injection Pain Free. Don't let the size of the machine fool you of the advanced technology incorporated in it and its effectiveness. ( May your health and lifestyle change immediately after using this tool of technology ). Warning: Sefety in pregnancy has not been established. Histador given transdermally to young children could cause rapid heart beat ( Tachycardia ) Consult your doctor if unsure.

Conditions to be Treated


Place Amethocaine Cream mixed with Mer-bentyl Syrup on RED electrode and Methyl Salicylate on the BLACK electrode. Attach to wrists. Treat until pain disappears.


In this condition the pain is usually most intense approx. 3 cm below the nipple. Apply Amethocaine Cream and Merbentyl Syrup as a mixture on the RED electrode on this spot and Methyl Salicylate on the BLACK electrode on the bottom end of shoulder blade. Treat for 1 hour or until pain disappears.

Sprains and Gout:

Use mixture of Anethaine Cream and Merbentyl Syrup on the RED electrode and Methyl Salicylate on the BLACK electrode. Place electrodes on each side of affected limb or joint with the Red electrode on the most painfull side. Treat for 1 hour and repeat if necessary.

Coxsackie Viruses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6:

After obtaining your blood results do 10 daily treatments of 30 minutes using Acyclovir Cream on both electrodes. At the end of that time test your blood again, if not negative then repeat treatment.

Herpes 1 and 2 ( Oral and Genital ):

Use Acyclovir Cream on both electrodes, place one slightly off-centre on the lumber spine, the other as high on the neck as possible. Treat for half hour daily for 10 days then do blood test. If not negative repeat treatment.

Urticaria ( Nettle Rash, Itchy Bumps ):

Use Histador Cream on RED electrode no cream on BLACK electrode. Wristto wrist. Treat for 30 minutes. CAUTION: Histttdor applied through the machine can cause rapid heart beat (Tachycardia) in patientss under 12 years old.

Insect Bites and Stings:

Treat as for Urticaria. Observe caution in young children!

Asthma ( Allergic type ):

Place a ? a pea sized amount of Difenhydramine HcL (Histador) on the RED electrode and attach to wrist. Treat for half hour daily. Do not cut down on your present medication without consulting your doctor! For adults only.

Colds and Flu:

Place Acyclovir Cream and Histador Cream on both electrodes. Treat for one hour. If symptoms are still present the following day, repeat treatment. Attach to both wrists. ( Adults Only )


Use Acyclovir Cream on both electrodes and attach to both wrists, treat for 1 hour daily until skin is clear.


Apply Clotrimazole ( Canesten Cream ) to both electrodes and treat for half hour daily. At the same time apply Savlon ? teaspoon to ? litre water to affected area.


Place Acyclovir. Histador and Anethaine on RED electrode, Acyclovir and Methyl Salicylate on the BLACK electrode. Treat for one hour or until symptoms disappear. N.B. Histador given transdermally to young children could cause rapid heart beat. ( Tachycardia )

Article source: http://library.rusbiz.com

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