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Face Lift: To Restore the Youthful Look and
Vigor of the Face

Submitted by Rusbiz Librarian  l August 02 2006  l  Viewings: 4752

By Farzina Naznin

With the advancement of age, the skin also grows old. The first phase of oldness can be first noticed in the face. Wrinkles appear in different areas of the face. The vigor, tranquility and the serenity of the face looses its luster with the advancement of age. But the wrinkles of the face can be to a certain extent reduced through certain surgery in the face, more particularly through the process of certain cosmetic surgery. Face lift is a basic form of surgery on the basis of which the wrinkles of the face can be reduced to a certain extent. Face lift is a form of plastic surgery which is generally performed through the process of incisions which are made in different areas of the areas more particularly near the ear. This process of face lift helps in the process of firming the skin and helps the face to maintain the youthful look and vigor. Face lift thus works like wonder in dramatically maintaining the youthful look of the face.

The basic from of face lift can be performed through a medical procedure which requires local anesthesia. Besides surgical procedure of face lift, there are also certain other techniques which are not based on surgery for face lift and which can be performed through lasers, through radio frequency emitters and also through the process of application of certain creams which will help in the process of tightening of the skin. The medical term of face lift is rhytidectomy. Face lift is thus a process which helps in the process of reversing the advancing age which lead in the formation of certain wrinkles in the face. It helps in eliminating the sagging and the creasing procedure of the face. Face lift thus rejuvenates the skin which helps in making the skin more firmed and tightened by way of tightening the areas of the face more particularly in the jowl areas of the face, facial skin and also in the neck skin zones which gets loosened with the advancement of the age.

Thus in whatever way the face lift is performed but the main principle which lies behind the process of face lift is to rejuvenate the youthful age and the vigor of the skin more particularly in the facial areas. Thus old age which basically is the proven age for wrinkles and for sagging of the skin, need not be a matter of much concern because the remedy of it is now in the air with the process of plastic surgery like face lift.

Farzina Naznin as an amateur has been associated with various sites for the purpose of writing articles like http://www.buyhealthwellness.com/, http://www.greathealthservices.com/, and http://www.yourfitnesshealth.com/ The articles which are written for these sites will help the readers to explore through the various concepts which will help in the process of maintaining the youthful look and vigor of the skin. Comments if any are most welcome in farnaznin@gmail.com

Article source: http://library.rusbiz.com

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