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The Beauty and the Biz

Submitted by Administrator Rusbiz Portal  l  February 10 2006  l  Viewings: 5329

By Jess Guim

How do you maximise content of your web site when you have limited time to write more articles that will fill it up? One common practice is by filling it up with free reprints of articles by other Internet experts and pros. The other good benefit of this approach is that you could compile all these free reprintable articles into one ebook. A typical example of this is the ebook "Super Tips from the Internet Experts" written by 130 contributors - all experts in their own fields. You could download this 595-page informative and content-rich ebook at http://www.businessmate.com/request.htm. It's professionally designed and distributed at my web site, free. You can't find 595 pages of reference, like this, for free. But it will not be free forever. So, grasp this opportunity, while my F-R-E-E download area is still open.

Aside from filling up a web site with freely distributable ezine articles from different sources, I found another innovation which would surely be likened by busy entrepreneurs like you. The strategy is by publishing a photo gallery section in your web site. From my weekend hobby of going around New York City, and taking pictures with my digital camera since 1999, I found this collection of pictures very useful in making my web site "magnetic" and enjoyable to visitors.

What's more amazing is that in each page with a postcard size picture, I could insert banner ads and text ads from affiliate partners. It's like a movie presentation, which makes my visitors enjoy the beauty of my carefully selected digital pictures. But in each picture page there is a banner ad and a text ad which advertises either my products and services or the products of my affiliate partners.

So, aside from building a virtual mall in your web site, build a virtual theme park, too, by using your collection of digital pictures. It's easier to create photo galleries now for the web, because these programs come with the purchase of digital cameras. There's one program that I've been using since 1999 that's making my photo gallery production easier, and very presentable. This is the "Arles Image Web Page Creator," which you could try for free at http://www.digitaldutch.com.

If you want to try this marketing idea of mine, I am offering free photo gallery, downloadable at http://www.businessmate.com. The link is located at the right side of the banner of the home page. The gallery is ready for web publication. All you need to do before you publish it at your site is insert your own banner ads and text ads below each picture. But please don't remove the copyright texts below each picture. And please, please don't edit or tamper any of the pictures.

If you have a collection of your own digital pictures now, don't just keep them in your hard disks. Use them as html pages that could make your web site content-rich and favorite of the search engine robots. Build your own photo gallery now, and combine the beauty and the biz in making more money for your online business this year.

Jess Guim is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, and a Macintosh Apple Certified Technical Coordinator, who had been working with small and Fortune 500 companies since 1997. He specializes in computers, servers, and networking. He owns the web site http://www.businessmate.com . Download now your complimentary copy of "Super Tips from the Internet Experts" at http://www.businessmate.com/request.htm.

Businessmate.com is the way to grow your business. Check for new innovations in web marketing now at http://www.businessmate.com.

Article source: http://library.rusbiz.com

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