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Video Detective Website Review

Submitted by Rusbiz Librarian  l July 29 2006  l  Viewings: 4723

By Adam Wiskar

As I said in the introduction, Video Detective is a website which has loads of info on movies past, present and future. It is able to cater to anyone from the movie newbie to the movie guru in a easy-to-use manner.

When I first loaded up the site, I was greeted by a black background with little blocks of red everywhere. This is very symbolic of when you're in a movie theatre. When you're sat watching your movie, you are usually engulfed in darkness and are able to see the dark shades of red from the seats around. As well as all the popcorn on the floor, couples kissing and the back of the person's head who is sitting right in front of you!

The site loaded up pretty quickly on my rather average connection and that can be nothing but a plus. At the top of the page you have an image which kind of represents a movie hall of fame with pictures of some popular movies hanging from the walls. In the middle of that image, you have a box which allows you to view trailers of the selected movie in a pop-up window. Going further down you have the standard navigation links along with a search box. There's the latest content in the middle of the page and some links down the right to navigate to other parts of the site. Right down towards the bottom of the page you have a list of 50 of the newest trailers. This seems to stretch the page unnecessarily and could be shortened to perhaps 5 or 10 of the newest trailers in order to make sure that the content on the front page remains very fresh and new.

Each movie that they have on their site has a trailer for it along with some additional information. Let's take the upcoming Transformers Movie as an example. You have a picture from part of the trailer along with links to buy movie tickets, rent or buy the dvd and to download it (for a fee, of course) right at the top. These commerce links are only for America though. You have a link to preview the trailer along with some information about the movie such as the director, who is starring in the movie, what company is making the film, release date and so on. To the right of this you have links to the top new trailers which I think they are trying to force on you but that's just me. When I tried to view the trailer, everything sort of went a bit haywire on me. The basic player loaded up and I was told that the trailer was loading but after five minutes, nothing had happened. I tried to load the trailer again only to be welcome by the same result.

So, since I have that long list of top new movie trailers right next to me, I decided to view another trailer. This time I chose Spiderman 3 and I get the same thing happen to me. I'm not sure if this is to do with the site or me so if any of you get it to work then please contact me and tell me what you did. It could just be me and my setup but you never know.

I mentioned in the opening paragraph about the site having trailers from the past so I was going to see what those were like but none worked. They have a wide selection for each decade from the 90s all the way back to pre-1950 so if you like your aged classics then they are worth checking out.

There's a link at the top called 'Music Videos' which takes you away from the Video Detective site so I won't go into that unless you really want more of my ramblings on the site's look.

In conclusion, I was extremely disappointed that I couldn't get any trailers to work and for a site whose main content is trailers, it is very dissatisfying. Like I said above it could just be me and it should by no means stop you from checking out this site especially if you consider yourself to be a big movie buff.

Written by Adam WIskar at http://www.sitereviewer.net - Visit us for more reviews.

Article source: http://library.rusbiz.com

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