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Top Tips For the Successful Actor and Actress

Submitted by Rusbiz Librarian  l July 27 2006  l  Viewings: 4742

By Leanne Mauro

For the Actor and Actress who have a burning desire to become

Is there any easy way to break in to show biz?

Yes, if Goldie Hawn is your mum or Michael Douglas is your dad.

Seriously though for us actor and actress folk we have to find a
way to work our way in. And it can be easy if you know what to

Firstly understand that success for anyone in any field, sport,
business or acting doesnt happens over night. The stories you
hear dont tell you about the YEARS of hard work, study, and
mental conditioning successful people have endured prior to
their success.

Noami Watts slogging it out for 10 years in L.A before she had
her first major break and guess what she was slogging it out in
Australia before that.

Tiger Woods (I love to compare successful athletes and
successful actors) is a success why? Because he found his
passion and turned it into making a living but hes worked long
and hard to get to such great heights. Do you think he doesnt
practice EVERYDAY? Even when he has a day off you know what hes
doing? Practicing his swing.

Thats the drive you need to become a GREAT success story.

But when you find something you LOVE doing like ACTING, its not
hard to find that drive and determination and that passion

To the Actor and Actress:

Sit now for a minute and ask yourself
why did I choose to become an actor? Really ask yourself.
Connect to that passion and love you have for the craft inside

Everyday that you remember why you are an actor doing what it
takes to become successful is EASY. It is such an amazing
energetic force it can move mountains.

Success is EASY when you STAIR STEP IT.

Ask whats ONE thing can I do TODAY to take me closer to my

Find a play or a short film to get involved with, do a mail out
to casting agents, work on a monologue, sign up for a class or
work on your voice.

To you the Actor and Actress you can be a success!

Think about all the rich successful millionaires out there. Do
you think they literally made their first million over night? No
they had to put particular infrastructure and visions into
place. They didnt try to make a million with out first making
$10000 then $20000, then $50000, then $200000 and so forth.

Its the same with acting dont try to become a film star until
youve made some short films, you can use great roles in short
films to build your show reel, build confidence, and use the
confidence youve gained to pitch your self for the bigger
roles. And definitely get involved with theatre you will learn a
gold mine of wealth about the craft and the way you work as an

Think about it this way. Youre walking somewhere, you know
where you are heading and with each step you are moving one step
closer to your destination. Its no different with success.

So take a step toward it today.

To Your Acting Success

Leanne Mauro

Leanne Mauro href=http://www.successtipsforactors.com
is a professional
actress working in theater, film and TV. One of her favorite
success moments was working with the legendary Peter

Article source: http://library.rusbiz.com

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