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Secret 4 For Your Acting Audition Success

Submitted by Rusbiz Librarian  l July 27 2006  l  Viewings: 4750

By Leanne Mauro

There are two important characteristics you have to have as a
GREAT actor.


2) The ability to LISTEN

I cant tell you how important it is for an actor to be able to
let go of any decisions they have made prior to walking into
their acting audition.

So often we the actor make choices that
we believe suit the story only to have the casting agent or
director offer an alternative way.

I know in Secret #3 To Your Acting Audition Success I alluded to
the fact that you dont have to listen to the casting agent but
I stress here that that is ONLY if you have a GUT INSTINCT that
is telling you that your decision is stronger.

The casting agent is a vital part of the casting process they
are the ones that have sat down with the director and broken
down what it is the director is looking for.

So it is very important to LISTEN to the casting agent they are
giving you important directions that have come directly from the
client (if auditioning for a TVC), director, producer, and/or

Ive spent a lot of time in audition rooms both in front and
behind the camera and all too often Ive seen actors nervously
get caught up in what they are going to do that they arent
present and listening to what the casting agent is offering

Big Mistake!

They miss the most important part of the audition knowing what
the director wants!

Its vital that you put your thoughts to the side for a moment
and simply listen and be present with what the casting agent is
telling you instead of trying to figure it all out in your head.
Yes you have to be on the ball and think on your feet but not at
the expense of what the director might be looking for.

So take a deep breathe, relax and LISTEN to the casting agent.

If its an audition where youve had time to prepare its
absolutely acceptable and advisable to come prepared with TWO
ways to play the scene.

Dont forget it is YOUR AUDITION.

Dont be afraid to speak up in the audition room.
Ask questions if you need clarity. And let
them know that you have an alternative way of playing the scene.
The casting agents will be impressed and the directors will see
more of your range. Go for opposite choices. If youre going to
offer an alternative make it obviously different.

If you offer an alternative way of playing the scene and they
still dont think it works GREAT try what they are suggesting
and you have a whole range of your work on tape for the director
to work with.

So, Remember, an OPEN MIND and the ability to let go of any
preconceived ideas, LISTENING to the important information from
the director via the casting agent, and having an ALTERNATIVE
way of playing a scene are vital to your ACTING SUCCESS. You
will leave an impression that makes you someone people want to
work with.

To Your Acting Audition Success

Leanne Mauro

Leanne Mauro http://www.successtipsforactors.com
is a professional
actress working in theater, film and TV. One of her favorite
success moments was working with the legendary Peter

Article source: http://library.rusbiz.com

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