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GPS: Applications And Uses

Submitted by Rusbiz Librarian  l July 18 2006  l  Viewings: 4737

By Gabriel J. Adams

What are the uses for GPS? There are many, both for individuals, corporations, and the government.


The military uses GPS technology to guide missiles, track and control forces and facilities, and more. GPS has allowed command and control of forces to greatly advance their effectiveness. Using GPS, units can report their exact location to command central, and easily find directions to other locations.


Many newer vehicle models come with a GPS feature, which can be used to get customized maps and directions from your current location, to a specified location. This feature can be very effective, but some users warn that you should remember that it is just a machine and often makes mistakes. For example, it may take you by the shortest route, but it may take you longer to get there due to low speed limits.


Just like automobiles, many boats and ships use GPS for navigation. GPS may be especially helpful during darkness, fog, or other low visibility conditions.

Emergency Location

Many cell phone have GPS capabilities in them, so that emergency personnel can use GPS locating technology to locate a person vie their cell phone. The Navy & Coast Guard also use GPS technology for location lost persons.

Outdoor sports

Hunters, wilderness explorers, and other outdoor sportsmen may use GPS for navigation purposes, and / or to help find their way when lost.


Many surveyors use GPS units to survey and establish boundaries and other locations or markers.


Geocaching is a game or sport invented in 2000, which uses GPS to locate and find caches, or small treasures. One person hides the cache, the posts the details, with co-ordinates, on a geocaching website. Geochachers then attempt to locate the cache. Once one locates the cache, he or she may sign the log, and / or trade a belonging for some of th treasure in the cache. This ensures that their is always treasure in the cache.

Article source: http://library.rusbiz.com

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