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Wholesale Prints

Submitted by Carla San Gaspar  l July 11 2008  l  Viewings: 9422

Wholesale prints are prints that are sold at wholesale prices and then resold by retailers for profit. Businesses also order wholesale prints to save on production costs whenever they need materials for their advertising or marketing campaigns.How come they are so cheap?Many questions arise as to why wholesale prints are so much more affordable than regular prints and commercial prints. And because many people do not fully understand the processes involved in the production of these prints, they just assume that the prints are made form low quality materials.This is not true.Not only are wholesale printers produce materials that have the same quality as commercial printers, some even surpass them. The reason why wholesale printers are more affordable than commercial printers is the way that it produces your prints.Wholesale printers use two methods that make print production very much affordable:1.    Offset Printing method – offset printing is the most efficient way that you can produce bulk prints. Large numbers of prints are very easy to produce at a fast turn around. This process involves the use of plates that run through several ink rollers to produce your prints. The plates are run through these rollers several times depending on the number of your orders. The rollers are used to “stamp” the inks in place and ensure that your ink will not flake off your paper unlike in digital printing. When you crumple or fold your materials printed through digital methods, the ink will flake off because the bond between the ink and the substrate is not that strong. That is not the case in offset printing. As you can see, offset printing is in fact the better choice when it comes to quality prints.2.    Gang running – is the other method that wholesale printers use to maximize the production cost. Gang running involves using several designs ad laying them out in a single plate as opposed to the traditional method of putting one design per plate. This makes the production cost lower since the cost of plate production is shared between the owners of the designs. The more designs there are in those plates, the lesser the cost of your prints. Also, since the cost of plate production is covered, the bigger the number of your prints, the less your price per piece becomes. This is because the bulk of your production cost is based on the production of the plates, once the plates are produced, the cost of printing goes down considerably. For example, you printed 2000 posters a week ago and decided you want to print another batch of the same posters. You call your printer and ask if the plates are still available. If they are, you’ll see that the cost of your prints will be considerably lower. Here’s another secret: When you double the amount of your prints, the price of your orders will not be doubled. Using the same principle that I discussed above, the printing company will only charge you a minimal fee since the plate is already produced.Where to get your prints?1.    Trade Printers – these printers are exclusively printing in bulk and in wholesale so going to a trade printer is your best bet.2.    Commercial printers – other commercial printers also offer wholesale printing services but better check their quotes first if they are at par with trade printer before you avail of their services.
This article aims to provide valuable information regarding wholesale prints jobs. To find more related printing services please feel free to visit Color Printing Wholesale: Color Offset Printing, Trade Printer, Wholesale Prints

Article source: http://library.rusbiz.com

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