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Jokes About Wife

Submitted by Jack Reider  l  June 18 2007  l  Viewings: 4769

Ladies just entering a marital or another kind of formal relationship tend to change the way they behave and it is this transformation that many men find problematic and worrying. Some of these are so funny and ironic that they seem too real to be true. But they are. In this article, you will be able to take a short glimpse into some of the more obvious behavioral patterns followed by married women.

Even though if you ask a woman if she is a typical woman she will say no, chances are if you ask her significant other he will probably say that she has many of the stereotypical traits that men are always making fun of, but confronted with this insight the woman will not only deny this, but will give examples of how she is not like other women.

What is this Article About?
Listed below you will find no great insights into the female psyche, just some very old, but true jokes, that show the double standards that most woman have towards men. These jokes are not intended to be taken seriously they are just jokes are not meant to be insulting to females.

Please remember what you are about to read are some jokes about the common traits that women seem to share when it comes to the males of the species.

1) It is ok for a woman t ask if she is gaining weight, but the man will be in the dog house if he says anything but no, or if he hesitates in his answer.

2) Women often enjoy venting about how awful their families are, but the Man can never agree or participate in the family bashing.

3) Just like the fact mentioned in point number three, she will talk out against his kin as well, but here too, he must agree or else he cannot see clearly.

4) Only he can be called lazy if he forgets or fails to clear up the mess. But when she fails to do so, she will smile and claim that the reason behind this is not laziness but fatigue.

5) If a man is unhappy in his relationship he can get a divorce, but if he does he is abandoning the woman, but if a woman asks for a divorce she is doing the right thing, by getting out of a bad relationship.

6) Men should not yell at the kids, but the kids should stop giving the mom a reason to yell at them.

7) When a Woman asks her significant other to make her a cup of coffee it is no big deal, and is expected to be done with out a complaint, but if a man asks a woman for a cup of coffee the woman will come back with \"I am Not Your Slave\".

8) When the partner does not respond, the woman shouts and asks him to do so. But when he does, the woman shouts and asks him to shut up.

9) A woman complains against her partner who does not give in when the matter is important to her. But, on the other hand, every matter and incident is important to the woman.

10) When the partner buys something, he is wasting money. But, when the woman purchases something, it is because she only lives once.

11) The partner does not know how to say sorry. The woman does, but, it is just that there is never a reason to say it.

12) The partner has got to nurture the relationship. But, on the other hand, the woman is tired and needs her beauty sleep.

A woman is infinitely more beautiful, encouraging, entertaining, wonderful and humane than a man will ever be. But, women have their own particular peculiarities too, and some of these have been pointed out in the above eleven female secrets of being.

Characterizing someone, even if it is very politically incorrect, is not my intent, and this article is meant for laughs alone, so please treat it accordingly.

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Article source: http://library.rusbiz.com

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