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Twenty unimaginable on life portrayed here!
Read what seems to be fiction, but is purely

Submitted by Jack Reider  l  December 17 2007  l  Viewings: 4780

When walking down the street, entering a house, picking up a book or even just surfing through the web using your laptop or your personal computer, there are so many things we do without even thinking of them. In this article, I have pointed some of the funniest and oddest human behaviour that even you do.

1) How come when you close a glue cap the glue sticks but this same paste does not stick to the sides of the glue tube?

2) Did you know that according to mental research that has been carried out all over the world twenty-five percent of the population are suffering from one from of mental deficiency or the other. In lay terms, this means that if you have three friends that are sane, you are the one insane!

3) Why do we press down hard on the remote control even though we know that the batteries are weak.

4) Watched old (and even newer descriptions in film) about Tarzan. If he is supposed to be living in the wild, what happened to his beard?

5) Switched those bulbs that are enclosed in tight plastic shutters? Have you noticed that whenever you go to do that there are always dead bugs inside? How did they manage to get there?

6) Still use plastic bags instead of the more nature-friendly paper ones? Ok. Then, pray tell, why can't I ever manage to open one on my 1st attempt?

7) Why, pray tell, do doctors just about to inject a prisoner with a lethal injection check that the needle is sterilized?

8) Why do the banks charge extra if you withdraw more money than is present from your bank account? Don't they realize that there's no money in the account?

9) Why doesn't anyone ever make fun of their father-in-law?

10) If people run into a sign near a park bench saying that the paint is wet, every one will touch it to check. If this is so, why don't these same folk verify the star count of around four billion stars so stated according to various scientists?

11) How many times will be keep coming back and opening the door to the fridge when we are hungry? Do we really think that food will appear there miraculously?

12) Notice how bullets bounce off superman's chests, but the moment the villain throws the empty revolver, this same invincible superman ducks. Shouldn't the revolver bounce off his chest too?

13) According to those that swear by the theory of evolution mankind has only evolved from the race of the monkeys. If so, how come monkeys are still hanging around?

14) Why is it that when we try to catch something that is falling off a table, our hand knocks down something else?

15) Why did the Japanese pilots who were planning to crash into American ships wear helmets?

16) The next you vacuum your living room floor, explain what happens when you try to vacuum a tiny thread. The vacuum will not be able to suck it. Why then will you pick it up, examine it thoroughly and instead of placing it in the dustbin, throw it back down and try to vacuum it up again?

17) A visit to one of the many soap shops that have sprung up all over and you'll find that soaps come in all kinds of colours. But then, why does the bubbles always turn out white?

18) Why do we always try and get the house to be as warm as it was in summer even though we suffered from the heat in summer?

19) I have passed across many shops and marketplaces where they sell mattresses, and yet, I have yet to find one where the mattresses are not advertised as being part of a sale!

20) When we go to the supermarket and someone hits our ankles with their cart and then apologize, why do we reply that everything is fine? Why don't we just reply, "that hurts, asshole"?

Before I End:
Above you have run into about twenty or so intriguing incidents on life that I or some friend of mine has come across. Most will be familiar to you. Some might not. But, I hope that each one of them will if not make you at least laugh, bring a wry smile to your face and to your heart.

Under normal circumstances, Rammy Johnson writes for an online casino guide and depicts roulette playing and the such, but Rammy also loves comedy and he indulges himself in it whenever he can.

Article source: http://library.rusbiz.com

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