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Using Simpleology for Effective Time

Submitted by Rusbiz Librarian  l July 22 2006  l  Viewings: 4778

By Guy Lecky-Thompson


As entrepreneurs, we all suffer from lack of time. Those just starting out have it the worst, if only because they need to dedicate time to an active professional life as well as any entrepreneurial activities they might also be doing.

It's very easy to do the math. If a person is working 8 hours a day, and has a family life, there will be very little waking time left to dedicate to that third pillar of their existence. They can not, however, turn it off. It is always there, probing our consciousness and begging for attention.

Based on the assumption that it is simply not going away, and that we will eventually use our entrepreneurial sprit to succeed, it makes sense to try and use the 2 hours per day we can dedicate to it in an effective manner. Managing this time appropriately will ensure we get the most out of it.

On top of the scarcity of our entrepreneurial time, there is the probability that we will be dedicating ourselves to it at a time of day when we typically have little energy left (early morning or late evening). For those that fall into the small percentage of people for whom this does not present a problem, imaging giving yourselves an instant boost at this critical time of day!

What is Simpleology?

To explain this, I'll borrow a phrase from Simpleology creator, Mark Joyner. He states that it is the 'simple science of getting what you want'. It is a methodology, rooted in a system of rules, processes and empirical measurements.

The key is in understanding that it works on different levels. Each person is free to apply it on different levels, depending on their goals. Bear in mind, though, that the true power lies in applying all aspects of Simpleology, and only then will you get all the benefits. Not everyone, however, needs all the benefits, because we all have different aims.

So, the true entrepreneur, geared towards making a substantial income from these activities, and seeking to empower themselves to achieve this in a relatively painless and very structured fashion needs to embrace Simpleology in its' entirety for it to take them there. This also takes a dedicated person, with time on their hands.

If you don't have that time, then it can still help.

If I do this, am I doing it?

Let's just be clear. Simpleology is great. Mark Joyner has created something which really does work. If you do what I point to here, you're not doing Simpleology. Perhaps one day you will, and you will almost certainly gain great benefit from doing so. As I do.

For example, Simpleology is based around a 15 minute daily ritual, which I have reduced here to the bare essentials required for time management. Some of the techniques I have taught in the past crop up again in this method, others do not.

Most of the Simpleology items have been removed; mainly those aimed at increasing your Time and Money powers. These powers are part of a trio (Time, Energy, Money) which can be increased by defining those decisions which make them weaker, and replacing them with ones that make them stronger. It sounds simple, but it involves some deep soul searching that we'll not go into here.

Simpleology Time Management

For those who don't have the time to go the whole hog, concentrate on using those 15 minutes to set your mind to the task. Three simple pieces of paper are all that you need - one to list everything that's on your mind at the outset, one to list everything from that first list that is a vague idea with no concrete action, and a final sheet to hold everything that has been farmed out elsewhere.

Spend 5 to 7 minutes clearing everything out of your brain, and putting it to paper, safe in the knowledge that this way it will be dealt with. Then cross out everything that you can not influence, and copy the items to the second paper that need more thought.

Finally, copy all the delegated items (things that must be done, but not by you) to the third sheet, and put it somewhere safe along with the second sheet. Then do all the items on the first sheet, and throw it away.

As a last action, after you've finished your allotted entrepreneurial work time, copy the items to delegate to the 'things to do sheet' for the next session. Delegate the tasks, being sure to specify when you expect the delegated to report back, and put their name next to the task.

This one simple routine, part of Simpleology, will have a profound effect on your working time. And, they're not even paying me to say that.


So, Simpleology is a great help in time management, proving a little more structured than traditional techniques. As such I'm glad to have found it, and integrate it in my own business practices, and pass it on to others.

At the very least, it takes away an 'energy leech', another Simpleology term meaning something which saps your energy, and helps to dispel a 'time leech'. Considering that it will also help you to perform at your best when you might not be feeling it, it is to be applauded and applied.

Guy specialises in helping clients get the most from the written word - be it copywriting, summarised research or company material. He also helps in a consultancy role dealing with quality, effectiveness and acts as a disinterested third party in joint venture matchmaking.

Guy W. Lecky-Thompson

Article source: http://library.rusbiz.com

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