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Too Busy Working To Earn Any Money

Submitted by Rusbiz Librarian  l July 27 2006  l  Viewings: 4775

By Ian Crossley

We give mice in a cage a wheel to play on to amuse them, its called a treadmill. Politicians and successive governments have done exactly the same for us. We are all on a tread mill and it seems that if we stop things will go wrong, so we are conditioned to keep running and we are also taught that the faster we run, the better things will be. We are not taught to think and plan, we are not taught that what we are blindly chasing MAY NOT be what we really want, we are not taught how to handle difficult situations, we are not taught that family and friends, are much more important than money and power, and so the list goes on, basically keep your head down and your bum up, keep plodding away and keep in line with all the others who are doing exactly the same.

MOST PEOPLE ARE TOO BUSY WORKING TO EARN ANY MONEY. What does this mean? it means that most contented and wealthy HAPPY people, are not spending their time and energy earning enough to stand still, they are back from the pace and spend time looking at situations they can turn to their advantage. Lets look at a person too busy to earn any real money. Take a self employed person he knows that he has commitments each week to fulfil
mortgage, rent, car payments ,school fees, food, electricity, gas, fuel for the car, treats for the kids, super annuation, insurance, tax, accountants fees, stock, credit card fees, bank fees, clothes, club membership fees,[I was going to include beer and entertainment here but I want this to sound real] car rego, rates, lawn mowing man etc.. etc.. etc...He really has not got the pleasure of stopping and assessing his situation because if he does not keep going and paying all these bills, he goes backwards and then he gets desperate and takes any work just to generate turnover. There is good work and bad work but our friend here will always jump at the bad work because he thinks that he will keep his head above water as long as he keeps money flowing through. At this point let me introduce you to a fact that you should learn and memorise THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF WORK THERE IS AN ABUNDANCE OF WORK AND I SHOULD ONLY CHOOSE GOOD WORK. most people are thinking I am mad and have lost the plot, but consider this, How many times have you been beaten down on a price and taken work just because you need to have turnover, and then halfway through the job you realise that you are only going to break even, or even lose on the job. If you are honest I believe a good percentage of all self employed one man bands will have experienced this. The solution to this if you have been guilty of this in the past is to KNOW WHAT YOU OR YOUR SERVICES ARE WORTH and then only take work that rewards you sufficiently. Yes but what if I am not working flat out all the time, thats what a lot of you might be saying, but consider this, How many times have you been doing some work that you priced incorrectly and have had to turn away really creamy work because you are too busy? Most small businesses get into fierce competition and do jobs just to deprive others, this is a real no no because it plays into the hands of the contented and wealthy people, they can utilise this fear to beat down prices.

I think that the above indicates the point that we are all too busy too stressed too tired to really consider situations.

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