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Managing Your Time: You Can Accomplish A Lot
In 15 Minutes!

Submitted by Rusbiz Librarian  l July 27 2006  l  Viewings: 4775

By Dr. Gary S. Goodman

Ive just been thinking about the amazing things we can get done if we only dedicate 15 minutes at a shot at doing them.

Why only 15 minutes?

I think this is just a about the average adult attention span.

For example, I think nothing of writing for 15 minutes. It breezes by, but once I commit to more time, say an hour at a stretch, then it becomes more of a chore, and sometimes, an ordeal.

But I can get myself to do nearly anything if I allot only a quarter of an hour. I can even get a jump on gathering tax documents for my accountant, a task I truly detest.

But, 15 minutes a day, over the course of a couple of days or weeks will do the trick.

You might be putting of making cold calls, if youre a salesperson. But I assure you the job will seem much less onerous if you break it into 15 minute segments.

In that short period you can dial four or five numbers, leave a couple of voice mails, and have a fairly decent introductory chat with a buyer.

Thats a lot, compared to what youll accomplish if you feel you have to sit in that seat for hour after hour, dialing into the abyss.

You can write a very decent email note in 15 minutes.

Or, you can update your resume in about that time.

Im so sold on this idea that Im testing it out.

By the way, if you devote just 15 minutes a day to something over the course of a year, youll be doing about 91 hours of it, overall. So, it can truly add up into a storehouse of value.

This article, in fact, was written in just under 15 minutes.

Can you tell?

Dr. Gary S. Goodman is the best-selling author of 12 books, over 750 articles, and the creator of numerous audio and video training programs, including "The Law of Large Numbers: How To Make Success Inevitable," published by Nightingale-Conant-a favorite among salespeople and entrepreneurs. For information about booking Gary to speak at your next sales, customer service or management meeting, conference or convention, please address your inquiry to: gary@customersatisfaction.com.

Article source: http://library.rusbiz.com

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