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How To Land A Gig As A Magician: When Reality Strikes

Magic is the art of diverting the attention of the audience by creating an illusion that amuses them and creates an impact that something extraordinary had been performed. The act is definitely entertaining. Nevertheless, the reality is that it is ju
Submitted by Preston Houer - April 05 2006  Viewed: 5265.
Rating: 0.00   Votes: 0. Last Edit: April 05 2006


Learning The Tricks: Other Miscellaneous Tricks

Magic has always been a fascination for children and adults. We see David Blaine mesmerizing us with his street magic, from biting a coin (and restoring it back) to doing stunts which might seem impossible for the rest of us. We heard of Harry Houdin
Submitted by Preston Houer - March 22 2006  Viewed: 5846.
Rating: 2.00   Votes: 1. Last Edit: March 22 2006

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