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Home  l  Stress Management

Mini Series - Stress Busters: Catch And Ride
A Positive Wave

Submitted by Rusbiz Librarian  l July 22 2006  l  Viewings: 4784

By Astrid Mccormick

Have you ever noticed that you go into a spiral from feeling not so good to bad from feeling bad to worse, after something unpleasant happened to you?

Do you notice that bad news seem to pile up? We tend to get more and more worried, see only the bad things, get stressed and overwhelmed.

Short term: Take control and interrupt the downward spiral within a couple of days.

Distract yourself when your thoughts seem to centre around one or more stressful events.

Write down a list of things in your life, that are pleasant and make you happy.

Write down a list of your successes and achievements.

Write down your problem in detail and talk to a friend, a coach, a manager about it.

Long term: Take control and introduce long-term useful behaviour!

Exercise. Go walking, jogging or do some exercise at least three times a week.

Letting go. Practice the art of letting go. And feel the benefits after only a few days of short meditation sessions.

Organise, delegate. Think of your health and wellbeing and retreat. Delegate tasks, ask someone for help and create some space between yourself and the stressor.

Get your feelings under control. Look at the problem closely and ask yourself: Am I responsible for the problem? Can I control the person's behaviour? How can I use my energy to influence the situation in a positive way? What is the best way to respond, when I feel I am right in being angry?

Resources: Help yourself in the long run and introduce sustainable self care practices.

Introduce some form of relaxation exercise to your life.
Be mindful of how you sit, hunch, walk and improve the ways you sit and work, stand, walk or do exercises.
Have a room in your house, a small space at work, or carry a token that makes you smile, when you look at it or think about it.
Deep breathing. Taking a deep breath is a cure for many overwhelming and stressful moments in your life.
Also: Work with a coach and find how easy it is to get a different outlook on life. Change can happen after only a month because this is how long it takes to introduce a new habit.

http://rightnowcoaching.com www.selfcarerightnow.com

© 2006 All rights reserved. Astrid McCormick

Astrid is Head Coach and Program Designer of Self Care Workshops at right Now Coaching Solutions.

Astrid's programs demonstrate how sustainable self care is the key to health, happiness and success in life. astrid@rightnowcoaching.com

Article source: http://library.rusbiz.com

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