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Single, Doubled Or Multi Storied Town Homes

Submitted by Rusbiz Librarian  l August 01 2006  l  Viewings: 4762

By Keith George

Town homes also go by the name of row houses. Single storied town homes and double storied or multi storied town homes are seen in a row. It is because of this the term row houses have been coined.

Typically a town home is attached with other dwellings in the row, with common walls. The open space in the front and back is also shared. This of course means that privacy is somewhat hampered, but the pros of town homes outnumber the cons. It is now easy to under stand what exactly is a town home: it is a house which is attached to the neighbouring houses of similar nature.

Town homes offer a sense of freedom. With highly populated cities in the world small condominiums and smaller apartments have become the norm for people to live in. Bigger apartments have prohibitive cost without the benefits of town homes. This does not mean that town homes are cheaper. These houses can be double and multiple storied in a small unit, or be a part of a huge town house complex.

The owners have to contribute to the maintenance of the common spaces, but it ensures the usage of those spaces by all. Town homes are very secure, at least, more secure than individual apartments. Being in close proximity with oneТs neighbour is the key to such security.

Small complexes of town homes do not have luxury items, like swimming pool or indoor play ground, bigger complexes offer these facilities. As mentioned earlier town homes may not offer complete privacy to the owner. There can be restrictions on decorating the exteriors or the garden.

The architecture of town homes vary from having a very modern look, or traditional. These homes can be rented. Ideal for small families or just couples, one can rent a town home in suitable locations. Details about available homes can be had from agencies. It is better to see a couple of town homes before deciding to rent one. The amenities are the same for both the owners and persons renting a home.

It is generally noticed that this type of dwellings are situated away from the heart of a city. Pure and sylvan surroundings make the stay in a town home very pleasurable. Open spaces in and around the house add to the general feeling of wellbeing and being one with nature. This is a privilege city dwellers always miss.

Keith George always writes about valuable news & reviews.
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