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Laminate Flooring - How To Choose One!

Submitted by Rusbiz Librarian  l August 01 2006  l  Viewings: 4862

By Max Patel

Laminate flooring has become one of the most preferred solutions today in the world when it comes to picking a flooring type for the home or the workplace alike. With a boom in real estate around the world like no other, and the associated growth of construction, the flooring industry is going through never-before growth rates breaking all records with each passing phase of time. And given the economic outlook of the world, there is only one way this industry is going to go and that is up!

Laminate flooring while bearing close resemblance with hardwood flooring has a few fundamental differences that start from the way it is constructed right up to the maintenance measures that need to be taken post installation. Depending on where you want the flooring to be done, the kind of traffic it will need to take and the weight of movement involved, you can choose the laminate flooring of the right strength that will best suit your needs. To do that, i.e. pick the right laminate flooring over hardwood flooring, you need to understand how laminate flooring is graded and what grade makes the most sense for you to buy. Net-net, you want to know what AC rating is all about for laminate flooring.

The European Producers of Laminate Flooring or the EPLF as they are commonly known is an organization that standardizes the types of laminate floorings available in the market today by classifying them according to various categories based on the permissible stress levels. These stress levels could be tested for scratching, denting on impact, abrasion resistance, staining, reaction to fire among several such parameters. Based on this, the suitability of the laminate flooring for a certain place of installation is determined and an AC rating given. The AC rating is an indicator for the customer on whether the laminate flooring under consideration will perform well at the chosen place of installation.

AC ratings range from AC 1 all the way upto AC 5. AC 1 laminate floorings are meant for low traffic low weight movement locations such as the bedroom in your house, the study room etc. The next level AC 2, is prescribed largely for the rest of the house. SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) and small offices go in for AC 3. Slightly higher traffic areas like a pharmacy or a gift shop use AC 4 as do medium sized restaurants. Very high traffic areas like airports, government buildings etc use AC 5.

Choose your laminate flooring carefully and you will reap the benefits of a glittering floor with aesthetic beauty for a long time to come. Get floored by laminate flooring!

Visit our articles section at Super Flooring Wonders for more such practical advice on flooring and how to get the best flooring solution suited for your needs. For awesome flooring tips and tricks, visit Flooring Wonders and bring the world beneath your feet!!

Article source: http://library.rusbiz.com

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