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There are many online resources for finding
roommates, and I recommend using them before
choosing to move in with a friend

Submitted by Edward Curtis  l August 21 2007  l  Viewings: 4780

Millions of young adults move out of their parents homes every year, and many of them can not afford to live on their own and look for roommates. Here are some things to consider before deciding whether or not to move in with a friend or to get a roommate from the paper or internet. I have also added some of my own experiences from when I lived with my two former best friends.

Personal Space and Privacy:
Moving in with a friend over a stranger means you will have almost no privacy, friends have a tendency to wan to hang out especially when you door is shut and you just want to be alone, but a stranger will usually respect your privacy by not bothering you unless it is something important. Friends will also assume it is ok to borrow things from you without asking be it food in the fridge or your toe nail clippers from on top of your dresser.

When I lived with my best friends they were constantly eating my things, and when I said something to them their reply was well it has been in the fridge for a day or 2 so I did not know you wanted it, because apparently I always buy groceries that I do not want to eat, and god forbid you lock your door so your roommates cant go onto your room because it is an insult that you don\'t trust them to stay out of your room.

When living with a roommate you found in the news paper or on the internet, the person will be more considerate to you then a friend may be when it comes to paying the bill. A friend may ask you to pay it and they will pay you back in \"just a few days\", but a stranger will not burden you with this. They will make sure they have the money to pay the bills.

One of my friends would always gamble in the casinos and especially the online casinos because it was easier then driving to the nearest land based casino, and sometimes he would spend all his money playing in the poker rooms or the Blackjack or Roulette table, and come the end of the month when the bills were due he would have to ask me to cover him.

Cleaning of the Shared Spaces:
In the past roommates I had found in the news paper always made sure that any space we shared like the kitchen or living room was kept clean. If you cooked something any mess was cleaned from the counter and pots, pans and plates would be put in the sink and were taken care of within 12 hours, but friends may take advantage of the slack you will give to a friend, because they know you would be ok with it.

When I have was living with a female friend of mine she insisted that I clean up any dishes or anything I used immediately, but would always leave her dishes in the sink, or things on the table for days, because she said she did not think I would minded if she left a mess, even though she would complain if I left something soaking in the sink because she did not like to see it when she came home from work.

Friends will take liberties with electrical usage that strangers usually will not take. When I lived with strangers if we ha an agreement to only use the AC for an hr before bed then they would usually stick to the agreement, but friends will break the agreement because you are friends and you will understand.

The girl I was friends with would always go out and leave her AC on and when I called her to tell her she would just say she forgot and would try to remember, but the next day she would do it again. She would also go into my room and turn on my AC and the one in her room to cool down the rest of the house when she was home watching TV alone.

By the time I eventually moved out of that apartment I was no longer on speaking terms with my former best friends and that is why I recommend that you do not ever move in or allow friends to move in with you.

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Article source: http://library.rusbiz.com

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