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School Days, The Best Days Of Our Lives

Submitted by Administrator Rusbiz Portal  l  March 24 2006  l  Viewings: 5834

School Days, The Best Days Of Our Lives

School shootings, murders, kidnappings, what else do we have to worry about when we send our children off to school? When I was in school our parents didn't have to worry about such things! What happened, and how can we correct it?

By Alan W Duckworth

When I graduated back in 1972, that may of been true, but for many in this present time, the school days are filled with constant fear. A fear that after getting up , fixing their children breakfast , and getting them on the bus and off to school, that they may never see their child again ! You wait, you wonder, you pray for their safety while at school, and while in route. But for some...?

February, 19, 1997 a quiet morning in Bethel Alaska, a 16 year old boy by the name of Evan Ramsey picks up a shotgun and a generous supply of shells and heads to school. He's not planning on show and tell either. He kills the schools principal a student, and injured two other people, before being taken into custody. He's now serving a 210 year sentence.

Why? What triggered it? What was lacking in the schools curriculum? Or was he acting out a scene he had viewed in a Hollywood movie?

October , 1 1997 A boy in Pearl Miss., shoots his mother, then proceeds to school where he starts shooting , and by the time the gun is empty , nine people lay injured on the ground , two fatally. Luke Woodham, is now serving three life, plus 140 years.

Who is to blame for a senseless act of aggression such as this?

December is here, I guess back then it was politically correct to say Christmas is in the air, and happier times ahead!

But not so for several Heath High School students in West Paducah, Ky.

Dec, 1 1997 eight people injured, three fatally, after gunfire erupts in the schools hall way, leaving one of the wounded girls paralyzed for life. Michael Carneal, 14 years old, now stands guilty but mentally ill and pleads guilty to murder. He now serves a life in prison sentence.

On March 24,1998 Two young boys of eleven and thirteen years of age open fire on a middle school in Jonesboro, Ark. ,while under cover in the nearby woods. Before the sound of gun fire fades, four girls, a teacher, lay dead, and another ten are seriously wounded.

April 24, 1998 The Eighth grade graduation dance, Ah Yes, it's supposed to be a fun time, full of mystery and fantasizing about your first kiss, or going steady, a young man's dream! Not so for one young 14 year old boy. Andrew Wurst, shoots the science teacher in Edinboro, Pa. He pleads guilty to third degree murder and receives a 30 -60 year sentence.

Jacob Davis who was an "Honor Student ", On May 19, 1998, just three days before graduation, Opens fire on another student just because he had gone out with his ex- girlfriend ! The shooting took place in the parking lot at Lincoln County High, In Fayetteville, Tenn. He received just 52 years in prison, for taking another persons life.

A fitting sentence I suppose, if the person who's life that was snuffed out, would have only lived to the age of 52.

Lunch time! May 21, 1998. What could possibly happen while enjoying your dinner?
Two teenagers were killed and more than twenty injured when a fifteen year old boy opens fire who had previously killed his parents in Springfield Ore. Kip Kinkle, sentenced to serve 112 years in prison.

April 16, 1999. A high school student in the tenth grade fires a couple blasts from a shotgun down a hall way. Thank God, No one was injured! Oh, "I guess that expression of my faith would be inappropriate, and might cause offence to some one." Well maybe, If more were to be said about GOD in school, I wouldn't be having to write about the 175 fatalities (and rising) that has happened from 1997 to date!

Weren't the civil rights of these students just violated? Isn't it a civil right of a child to attend a public school with out being returned to their parents in a body bag? Wasn't it an Idea of our fore fathers, when drafting The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights (that were based on the Ten Commandments, that clearly define the difference between right and wrong) to keep things like this from happening?

I sincerely hope and pray that it never happens to one of your children! And if your child is one of the lucky ones to reach maturity and graduate. You think about this article, and remember that a "Christian" prayed for it to happen, then maybe you'll open your hearts and minds and believe!

Eric Harris 18, and Daylan Klebold 17, plots the deaths of many of their fellow students, planning strategic locations of improvised explosive devices for maximum devastation and killing power. Attending gun shows and obtaining weapons, and ideas from the internet, of how they were going to pull it off. April 20th 1999 Littleton, Colorado12 students, and a teacher, lay dead, 23 others seriously wounded. Collumbine High School, now dubbed the place of the deadliest school shooting in history. Columbine High, A community that it's school and faculty just want to move on, to forget, and to heal.

Its students hold memorial services to remember their fallen friends. Some make tiles in remembrance of them with crosses and other religious symbols. They turn to prayer, to GOD, for help to deal with the pain, but their stopped by the fear of the A.C.L.U. filing suit. So the school buckles under, backs down as many have cowardly done in the past. They turn and run from it, hoping it will just go away, while our children are falling and dieing.

People the statistics in my research go on and on and I could write about this until I'm physically ill. But it's up to you to change your future. It's been said, that some of our best plans for the future, were already thought of and written in the past. Our fore fathers were right! They wrote it, it wasn't broken, so don't try to fix it.

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