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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Submitted by Administrator Rusbiz Portal  l  February 09 2006  l  Viewings: 5295

By Paul Duxbury

It is a time-honoured tradition that is supposed to bring the bride good luck that she should carry or wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Each one of these items represents something different and can fairly easily be incorporated into the brides clothing in several different and interesting ways. The tradition goes back centuries and is still honoured by many brides today who are want to ensure a little extra bit of luck for themselves or who want to honour a tradition that has been passed on in their family for years.

Wearing something old is said to express the desire to retain your connections with your family after you enter into your marriage and begin your own family.
One lovely way in which to do this is to wear a locket with a picture of your grandmother on her wedding day inside, which will remind you of your family and keeps them close to your heart. Another charming way to wear something old is to have a handkerchief used by one of your ancestors sewn into the lining of the skirt of your wedding dress. Incorporating this item into your wedding dress as a permanent feature is a special way to ensure that you will always remember your family and that they will always be a part of the new family that you and your husband create and which carries on the family into the future.

The tradition of wearing a new item on your wedding day reflects the fact that you and your husband are creating a new union that will endure forever. There are countless ways to incorporate something new into your attire. If you decided to have a picture of your grandmother on her wedding day in a locket that you wear, you might want to think about putting a photo of you and your husband to be into the other side as your new item. Another new item to consider is a piece of jewellery, besides your engagement or wedding ring that was given to you by the groom such as a necklace or bracelet. This is a special way to wear something new because it expresses the love that you and the groom have for each other.

Wearing a borrowed item on your wedding day is used to symbolise your love and admiration for the person from whom you borrowed the item. Wanting to wear something that belongs to a loved one lets them know that you want to include them in your wedding in a very special way by wearing something that either is held very dear to them or is something that represents them symbolically. One way to include a borrowed item into your wedding is to ask to borrow a friends signature piece of jewellery. If you have a close friend who has worn the same necklace for as long as you have known her, you might consider borrowing this particular necklace for your wedding day as a reminder of your friendship assuming of course that they dont want to wear it to attend your wedding!

Wearing something blue on your wedding day is a symbol of fidelity to one another. It may sound as though incorporating blue into your wedding attire is a difficult task but it really is much easier than it might sound. One easy way to do so is to wear a necklace with a blue stone which is a beautiful yet inconspicuous way to wear blue on your wedding day. Alternatively you could choose to include blue flower in your headdress. Some brides also opt to wear a blue garter under their wedding dress as their blue item.

Brides have been honouring the tradition of wearing an old, a new, a borrowed and a blue item during their wedding for many centuries. Although wearing these items is supposed to symbolize luck for the bride, they are also just a lovely tradition that gives the bride an opportunity to express her admiration for special people in her life.

Paul Duxbury runs many successful websites. His site at http://www.info-corner.co.uk/weddingsindex.html covers all aspects of Weddings.

Article source: http://library.rusbiz.com

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